Rail System Traction Motors


Mogeser realized the importance of electric motors and lack of domestic service company in transportation sector and decided to participate. For this purpose, all the necessary equipment required for the repair, maintenance and rewinding of AC/DC traction motors has been acquired.

Currently, regardless of brand, MOGESER succesfully gives service to common metropolitan municipalities’ light railway system traction motors. Our capabilities on traction motors includes;

  • Motor cleaning and sand blast cleaning,,
  • Heat furnace dry,
  • Rotor/stator rewinding,
  • Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (V.P.I),
  • Mechanic checks and repairs,
  • Bearing brush replacement,
  • Protective epoxy application,
  • Rotor balancing iaw IS0-1940-1 standard, 
  • Speed and temperature sensor replacement.
  • Isolation, surge and vibration tests,
  • Shaft and lamination repair and replacement,
  • Kapling manufacturing,
  • Dynamometer load test,
  • Painting
  • Reporting


Mogeser who is the active member of Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA) (technical authority on AC/DC and servo motors as well as traction motors) and is getting support /24.