Group of Companies

FEMSAN Electric Motors Company (Parent Body)

FEMSAN Electric Motors Inc. was founded by three partners in 1989 and first productions were carried out with two motor types at a 100 m2 shop with five employees. Without compromising honesty, diligence and quality, FEMSAN Electric Motors Inc. became specialized in manufacturing DC motors soon after and still continues services as the leader in the manufacturing sector with more than a hundred employees in a 3.500 m2 factory. The variety of production has increased to 100 different types of motor and FEMSAN Electric Motors Inc. has become the biggest manufacturer DC motors in Turkey in past last 26 years while they are the first and only company to produce servo motors in Turkey.

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MOPA Industrial Products Inc.

With the reconstruction efforts, MOPA Industrial Products Inc. was established in September, 2012 as a subsidiary of FEMSAN Electric Motors Inc. to provide more a professional and higher quality services for customers in the field of imported products.

The main purpose of this step was to expand the range of products on the market while offering better logistics facilities for products. It is anticipated that in the following years, the motor types with insufficient supply in Turkey will be added among MOPAS Inc’s products.

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MOTEK Electric Motor Technologies Industry and Trade Inc.

MOTEK Electric Motor Technologies Industry and Trade Inc. was established in 2013 to perform research and development (R&D) activities for motion control systems in civil and defense industries aside from electric motors. Among MOTEK Inc.’s activities are to design all kinds of products and subparts, producing prototypes and mass producing final products from the designs and finally performing research and development based on the previously mentioned activities.

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